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I have finished my novel, “Violet Dates in New York” Please go to the link to “like” the book and read portions of it. It would mean a lot to me, as every “like” spreads the word just a bit. 35-year-old Violet is laid off from her finance job, dumped by the love of her life, and has to move in with her parents (in their … Continue reading



Glitter thrown across our homes in the sky these squares are stacked, I’m walking forward, not looking back. Dusk falls down on me, in my favorite city. You’re a memory, and that’s all you’ll be. I’m breaking out of that constant doubt, where I lived inside that place of waiting, to someday see your face. … Continue reading



I walk along this street sink into the cracks between these neatly manicured plants and the ants that walk the walls. We used to run down long halls, when we were late for class, and we never though much about what would come next. It’s not what we expected. Is this the price of growing … Continue reading



These fields stretch on Past the days that slipped through Our fingers The tortures we don’t care to remember. The sun sets gently like it’s suppose to Fiery red with gilded golden edges. We stand and watch as time changes Its pace to match the expressions on your face. Sometimes I wonder if we’re running … Continue reading



Let go of my ghost, The memories mis-spoke. Release your fingers from your fragments of pages you strung together into a way, that never existed. Out of context. But that night. Oh that night, you were right. When you wrapped your arms around me. You are not the one. My sighs and gazes maybe were a sign … Continue reading



These veins like spiders, and the ones in your hands like tree trunks that trace all around you, and remind me of boats, sunk, below places we used to float. In sunlight holding hands until it became a plan we didn’t understand. Layers of what used to be, in the depths of the sea. Darker and … Continue reading