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Phone numbers

I don’t know who that is, it could be anyone. These phone numbers pile up in a list, of unknowns, unsaved names. You’re on a merry-go-round, and so am I. No one seems special when you’re flying through city lights. It’s not what I chose, but it is like the weeds that grow, here in … Continue reading

Big Band

I heard swing music twice today, and I remember the slanted floor where they used to play.  Met the first boy I ever kissed, who threw me high up in the air as I kicked. I remember that sticky floor with spilled drinks, and the band loud,  and the way our glasses clinked at the … Continue reading


And in the softest green grass which stretched out towards an old mansion so far away, nothing on that grass to ruin its perfection because a blade bent, is a blade out of place, like a hair to tuck away under a pin. And sinking into metal warm chairs from sunlight overhead soft, reminders you … Continue reading


Oh you my enemy with your normalcy your little poison bottle you slip towards me. Fill out your forms. They’ll form you to a better shape, once you conform, to this con hidden in the fine print on this form. Do what they say, and don’t you dare look away, when I push this form … Continue reading


sweet high note sister I remember your singing in the car. we travelled far, from where we used to sit. I won’t forget even if I don’t speak, if I’m mute, do not think, I forgot. I did not. I did not. I’m still here, and you are there, and this how it’s suppose to … Continue reading