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The curtains fell down To touch the floor On this swelteringly hot day The sun beating through the Glass Oh this will be our last Time in my mind it all hung Like figures in a glass case. Now there is nothing to chase With your empty hands Your cruel alphabet. So I stand up … Continue reading


Oh what should I write In this one sad letter In the darkness Only lit by candlelight. There used to be chandeliers Swinging brightly, lights exploding From my eyes. The sun shone in each room Even in charcoal gray twilight, with you it Always felt bright. Now there is only this one candle Sadly shrinking … Continue reading


It’s infinite out there These routes to Everywhere Which explode into Existence Simply because you need Them. You need so many things And these routes will appear To draw you near. Right up to the faces and Places that feel sweet like home. These explosions of good Brighter than any of your darkness, Sweetness sings … Continue reading


You’re better than some I’ve seen but can you make me gleam? Because I don’t just want to glow and have that followed by a drop a dip a sadness that always seems to stick to any plans I wrote on the palms of my hands, so if this won’t be bright enough let’s just … Continue reading


We drove out of the city, and through the pain, because you said “no more rain.” We drove to the airport to take a plane because you promised Paris doesn’t have rain. We sat side-by-side in a cafe, because you said Paris only has perfect days. Your sad blue eyes covered by your black bangs, … Continue reading

Bath tub

I’m in the bathtub Writing down my novel Like I always do, But instead all I can Think of Is you. Distraction That brings a smile, As you kill my work I only float high like A lost balloon Happier to zoom through The clouds Instead of staying Anchored to a bratty child’s Hand. This … Continue reading

Bright night

The moon is bigger than I have ever seen And the gleam fills my eyes like waves to the brim with surprise, As this is sinking in. I’m the happiest one. With no need for sun. My heart has lit up the Night sky with it’s own light. My own night light glowing because this … Continue reading