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With Easter egg dye on our hands we stand here in the kitchen surrounded by paints and glitter and you walk me backwards and kiss me against the wall. We were sitting in red velvet lounges in the Lower East Side until I remembered it was technically Easter. And it’s so nice to just cab … Continue reading


I won’t send this to your address anymore. Funny how I misread all of these words, so many times. I’ve been wrong enough to realize when it all hits me like dawn. I turn the radio off, and I see, in that black newsprint still smudged on my hands, this is exactly how it was … Continue reading

Phone numbers

I don’t know who that is, it could be anyone. These phone numbers pile up in a list, of unknowns, unsaved names. You’re on a merry-go-round, and so am I. No one seems special when you’re flying through city lights. It’s not what I chose, but it is like the weeds that grow, here in … Continue reading

Big Band

I heard swing music twice today, and I remember the slanted floor where they used to play.  Met the first boy I ever kissed, who threw me high up in the air as I kicked. I remember that sticky floor with spilled drinks, and the band loud,  and the way our glasses clinked at the … Continue reading