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We were never the Same I was the sun And You were the rain We could never share The same space Every time I turned Around I lost your face In the crowd And in my heart Was a missing piece In the shape of you Why do you do this To me Why can’t … Continue reading


You’ve stayed with me, longer than I thought you would. I’m not used to having someone this close. In this small space we cannot hide from each other. I can hear every sound, every breath, every murmur or scream. Things became intimate because I saw places that are usually hidden, when you reached father because … Continue reading


If you really want it bad if you really need it so Tell my why you want it, or you’ve got to leave, just go. You have to leave because if you don’t your heart will grieve, just remember me as I sit here like a tree. I want to mesh with the leaves blend … Continue reading


I saw the stars behind the clouds from memory. I felt the warmth on this December day, every time I breathe, I can see my own warmth against the cold. I’m getting so old and so tired of this fence. I walk along it, beside it, and we sleep in tents. Where is the thing … Continue reading

A dream

This was something framed in my mind, and we waited, to see it someday. It was a dream I had. That will not come true with you. I always wanted endless possibilities like ocean paths clear in all directions. And one branch leading to another. I thought you were the same. But instead I heard … Continue reading


The curtains fell down To touch the floor On this swelteringly hot day The sun beating through the Glass Oh this will be our last Time in my mind it all hung Like figures in a glass case. Now there is nothing to chase With your empty hands Your cruel alphabet. So I stand up … Continue reading